Evangeline is a singer/songwriter from Melbourne Australia who makes infectious electro-pop music that can been likened to a mix between Sia, JOY & Tove Lo. Over the last few years Evangeline has crafted a unique sound & style all of her own, continually experimenting with new forms of song-writing styles and techniques, while combining elements of electro-pop, indie-dance and classic 80’s synth-pop with her own dark & moody signature sound.


Evangeline has had a quick rise to fame with a modest collection of charting singles, her globally acclaimed debut ep, as well as a few vocal collaborations with the likes of Ok Sure, Jabberwocky, Oriental Cravings and more recently Donatachi. She has received much praise and attention from music industry representatives, peers and fans alike, and has become as one of Australia’s most promising artists and sought-after collaborators.


Back in 2015 Evangeline burst onto the scene with two hit singles, ‘CHEMICVL’ and ‘My Kingdom’, setting the standard quite high for things to come as she demonstrated her innate song-writing skills and stunning vocal sounds to the world. Shortly after Evangeline released a remix ep for her single ‘My Kingdom’, which included reworks from Devault, Ok Sure and Los Angeles producer William Black – who’s remix exploded across Spotify, Soundcloud and YouTube, and has since collected over 7 million combined streams worldwide.


Off the back of these success, Evangeline signed an international publishing deal with Universal France, and soon after that she began working on her debut ep “Atelophobia” which was released in 2017 via her own newly founded label, Sad Boy Records. The ep featured four impressive new songs that saw her working with three highly talented producers, Knightstarr, Dan Synthe & William Black, all three working closely with Evangeline each step of the way. The result took Evangeline’s sound to a whole new level, further solidifying her reputation as a formidable artist within the global scene.


Throughout 2018 Evangeline continued down her song-writing path of experimenting and exploring with new styles, techniques and sounds. She’s worked with a variety of producers such as Knightstarr, NDS and Marlin throughout this process and has created some exciting new music that she is eager to share with the world. Over the coming months we can expect to be hearing the name Evangeline quite a lot more as she starts unveiling some of the new singles that she has been working on.



“My Kingdom (William Black Remix)” - #4 on Spotify’s Global Viral Chart - 2016

International publishing deal with Universal France - 2016

Collaborated with Pip Norman, Jan Skubizsewski and NGHTMRE - 2016

Debut ep “Atelophobia” - 2017



Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4EpMlYG5BnLKrzMQ56SD6r

Apple Music: https://itunes.apple.com/au/artist/evangeline/891195717


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